Mind, Body, Spirit Healing-The Process

Heal(ing) has a definitive definition for most people. When we use the word healing it implies there is something wrong. I believe healing is much more. The soul’s sole purpose for being here is for emotional and spiritual growth–a.k.a. transformation. Healing is evolving and optimizing into our health and into who we really are. I believe that Mind, Body, Spirit healing is restructuring our energy that has become distorted, misaligned or suppressed. My definition of healing is evolution beyond just losing some ability and regaining it.What are we really asking for when we ask for Mind, Body, Spirit Healing?When we truly ask for Mind, Body, Spirit healing we are asking about the ’cause,’ of our pain not the symptoms we are experiencing. When I work with someone, I am not treating, I am not giving therapy, I am only conscious of symptoms because the symptoms are clues to what needs to be transformed. Using the unconscious mind the person is guided to create their unique transformation process to ultimately eliminate (heal) the cause of the symptoms.Do our beliefs create our illnesses?Without blaming, shaming or finding fault, our beliefs definitely form our limitations and on many levels our beliefs can inhibit us from evolving beyond something or creates a way to cope. What we tell (self-talk) ourselves has an impact on our physiology. For example: Depression (symptom) is Anger turned against the self. What we need to find is what the Anger is about and resolve or transcend the anger.Generally, people continue to do or think whatever they do or think until they have reached a point of pain they no longer want to endure, thus they focus on ‘getting rid’ of the pain. Western medicine and pharmaceutical research understands this phenomenon well– together they have diligently focused on the pain and provided magic pills to ease it. Thus, many people are addicted to a ‘quick fix,’ albeit has many adverse side effects.Transformation (healing) comes when we know what thoughts/beliefs create the pain–i.e. an insight into the cause and effect. Once the insight is made, we then need to change the thoughts, behaviors and habits to complete the transformation.What is the most important thing people need to know about Mind, Body, Spirit healing?Once someone has experienced the Mind, Body Spirit transformational process, it no longer matters what your prior experience has been, except to lead you to what you need to transform or transcend. Within the first session people are amazed at their transformation. Generally people need more than one session to complete a thorough transformation.

How to Review Management Software – 5 Tips for Picking the Right Software

Management software reviews are an excellent resource for managers who need to find a way to improve their company’s productivity. There are numerous different kinds of management software packages available and each one will have different strengths. By taking the time to go through these reviews, you’ll be able to find the one that is perfect for your needs. We’ve compiled a quick checklist of what you’ll need to keep in mind while you’re reading these management software reviews.#1 Collaboration – If you need a software package that can easily allow you to collaborate with others in your company, it is important to find management software reviews that focus on this aspect. Look for reviews that will rank each different product against one another to get a quick idea of the best one. Project-management-software-review.toptenreviews is a great resource for these kinds of reviews.#2 Task Management – How does the software handle task management? When reading management software reviews it is important to keep this in mind. It is a vital part of a well working software package and this feature alone can save you hours of time. Try to find reviews that go more in depth about the available features. #3 Online Capabilities – Do you want to take your management software online? These programs make it really easy to sync and stay in touch with colleagues that may be scattered around the country. Look for a software management reviews site that covers online applications. ProjectManagementSoftware dot org is the perfect place if you do need online capabilities for your software.#4 Quick Facts – You don’t have a lot of time to read dozens of software management reviews. It is really helpful to find a resource that lists several on one page, focusing on their strong points as well as their overall cost. Otherwise, you can spend hours just trying to find a software package that works for you, only to find that it’s too expensive. SoftSea dot com.com has put together a great collection of management software reviews that are to the point and informative.#5 Get the Right Focus – If you need a particular type of management software, you’ll need to find a site that focuses on that specific branch. There are so many different available that it can be overwhelming trying to read all the different management software reviews. EliteCRMSoftware dot com takes a look at contact management programs and presents them in an easy to read way.

Discover a Myrtle Beach Resort SC – 2 Great Myrtle Beach Resorts and Hotels

Planning to travel to a Myrtle Beach resort, SC? Then you’ll want to decide which of the Myrtle Beach resorts and hotels to stay at.You can relax because there are a lot of really great Myrtle Beach accommodations available, so you’ll have plenty of choices.Here are two of the best.The Springmaid Beach Resort and Conference CenterYou’re definitely going to want to check out the Springmaid Beach Resort and Conference Center if you want some of the best Myrtle Beach lodging.All the nearly 500 rooms at this 27 acre beach front resort hotel have ocean views. And the Springmaid Beach Resort and Conference Center is beautifully located on ΒΌ mile of the most peaceful beach in the area.Whether you’re alone, with a partner, or bringing the family it is an ideal choice for Myrtle Beach lodging.It features6 pools2 lazy riversOn site restaurantsA fitness centerMiniature golfLive theaterGolf coursesShopping and dining facilitiesThe Sands ResortAnother great choice for Myrtle Beach lodging that you’ll want to consider is the Sands Resort.It’s one of the most popular resorts in the area and offers a wide variety of services and features that can take care of all your needs.At the Sands Resort you’ll findRestaurantsBeachesA water parkA kids clubA health clubAnd more…There’s also a customer service center that’s open night and day. If you need any help with anything or simply have some questions you’ll always be able to find someone to give you a hand.What’s the right choice for you?When you’re trying to decide on the right Myrtle Beach lodging , there’s a couple of things you’ll want to consider.Who are you going with?If it’s just you and your partner you’ll want to make sure there are a lot of pleasurable, romantic things to do.If you’re bringing the whole family you might want to consider one of the Myrtle Beach family resorts where there are plenty of fun activities that will keep your kids entertained.Whatever your choice, since you’re going to a place as fun filled as Myrtle Beach, you are sure to have a great time.